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In WordPress un dominio solitamente identifica un server su cui WordPress è installato. Per esempio, il dominio example. Per esempio, i nomi a dominio www. The draft post status is for WordPress posts which are saved, but as yet unpublished. The excerpt is used to describe your post in RSS feeds and is typically used in displaying search results. The excerpt is sometimes used in displaying the Archives and Category views of your posts.

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When the post is displayed, the teaserfollowed by a hyperlink such as Read the rest of this entry Your visitor can then click on that link to see the full version of your post. A feed is a function of special software that allows "Feedreaders" to access a site automatically looking for new content and then posting the information about new content and updates to another site. This provides a way for users to keep up with the latest and hottest information posted on different blogging sites. Dave Quando day trading criptovaluta qual è lobiettivo, author of the web design weblog Binaries search engine has written a comprehensive summary of feeds. Feeds generally are based on XML technology. In WordPress, a Filter is a function that is associated with an existing Action by specifying any existing Hook. This process is called " hooking ". Custom Filters differ from custom Actions because custom Actions allow you to add or remove code from existing Actions. A footer area is a horizontal area provided by a theme for displaying information other than the main content of the web page.

Themes may provide one or more footer areas below the content. Footer areas usually contain widgets that an administrator lista di broker di opzioni binarie mt4 the site can customize. In a theme, footer areas are generated by a template file, typically named sidebar-footer.

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The front end is what your visitors see and interact with when they come to your website, www. FTPor File Transfer Protocolis rather predictably, a client-server protocol for transferring files. It is one way to download files, and the most common way to upload files to a server. You may need to use an FTP client to upload your WordPress files to your web serverparticularly if you use a hosting provider.

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In that same vein, an upload is "attached to a post" when you upload it while editing a post. In the uploader there is a "Gallery" tab that shows all the uploads attached to the post you are editing. When you have more than one attachment in a post, you should see at the bottom of the Gallery tab a button marked "Insert gallery". That button inserts a shortcode "[gallery]" into the post. WordPress replaces that shortcode with an exposition of all images attached to that post. Non-image file types are excluded from the gallery. Note: If you don't see the "Insert gallery" button, it may be because you have not attached two images to the post. The pretty URLs for attachments are made only after you have published the post and should be composed as the post permalink plus the attachment slug.

The gettext system is a set of tools and standards for language translation, used by WordPress to provide versions in many languages. In WordPress a text string for translation may have a domain and a context. For example, a plugin might specify its own domain for translations, and a context might help translators to provide different translations of the same English word or phrase in different parts of the user interface. A gravatar is a globally recognized avatar a graphic image or picture that represents a user. Typically a user's gravatar is associated with their email address, and using a service such as Gravatar. The site owner to can configure their site so that a user's gravatar is displayed along with their comments. A hack is a bit of code written to customize or extend the functionality of a software product. Older versions of WordPress used a hack-based extension system, but versions 1. There is some controversy surrounding the meaning of this term. It posso investire piccole somme di denaro in criptovaluta as a benign term meaning "to exercise proficiency" or "to alter or improve," but the popular media have since construed it to mean "to break into a computer system, usually with malicious intent. Because of the desire to reclaim the word, you will often find the term used in conjunction with open source projects, intended in its benign form.

For more information about the history of the term, please see Wikipedia's article on Hacker. Hooks are cfd broker di singapore, by the developer, in Actions and Filters. Here is a hopefully complete list of all existing Hooks within WordPress. In technical and strict terms: a Hook is an event, i. A hosting provider posso investire piccole somme di denaro in criptovaluta a company or organization which provides, usually for a fee, infrastructure for making information accessible via the web. WordPress uses an. Note that. Un indirizzo IP è un numero univoco es.

Suggerimenti di investimento in criptovaluta investimento crittografico a lungo termine come diventare ricchi in fretta senza soldi trading forex methods come guadagnare soldi dal mining di bitcoin vai alle opzioni binarie come poter lavorare da casa arbitraggio milionario bitcoin.

Anche ad ogni web server è assegnato un indirizzo IP, ma spesso i provider di hosting assegnano molteplici indirizzi IP al medesimo computer, nel caso in cui più siti web risiedano sullo stesso server fisico. Questo è molto frequente nel caso di pacchetti hosting più economici. I nomi a dominio furono creati per fornire un mezzo più facile per accedere alle risorse in rete rispetto all'uso degli binaries search engine IP, che sono poco maneggevoli da digitare e difficili da ricordare. Ogni dominio ha almeno un indirizzo IP corrispondente, ma solo un picolo numero di indirizzi IP hanno un nome a dominio associato d essi, in quanto solo i computer che sono server richiedono nomi a dominio. Acronym for Integrated Development Environment. Is an application that provides several tools for software development. An IDE usually includes:. JavaScript is a programming language that WordPress uses to make modi per fare soldi online internet processing occur in your web browser when it is inconvenient or impossible for the server to do that processing. For example, when you reply to a comment in a WordPress blog, WordPress uses JavaScript to move club di trading forex comment form inside the comment you are replying to. KI BonnGermany. Christian Albrechts Universitaet KielGermany. Ilog S. Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di PisaItaly. The tools for supporting group communication and group work can be distinguished between synchronous and asynchronous.

In this project we will try to bring the liveness and interactivity of synchronous communications to discussion groups. In order to do so we need to overcome some technological limitations.

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The basic client-server architecture of the Internet is primarily oriented towards user interactions via servers. Asynchronous tasks are well supported and there are a number of tools for supporting group discussions on the Web:. Web4Groups is binaries search engine European initiative for setting up non-simultaneous group communication services for the WWW. The purpose is to satisfy the needs of users co-operating using telematic communication services.

Note: If you don't see the "Insert

WebNotes is a Web-based forums system which helps people gather and exchange ideas and information using the Web. WebNotes creates an organized, easy to navigate discussion forum. WebNotes is suited for on-line customer support, connecting widely scattered people lista di broker di opzioni binarie mt4 an organization, communicating effectively with business prospects and insta forex login, and general discussion groups. ComMentor is a tool to share opinions in the Web developed at Stanford University. For synchronous activities or applications which want to present information differently to different users, or where the information available changes frequently, the basic server model of the Web needs to be extended. Most of them exploit proprietary protocols and specific communication infrastructure. However the issues related to deploying such tools on Internet and on the Web are still to be solved. If something changes in the application or in the server, the user remains unaware of this until he reloads the page issues another HTTP request.

Most of the present Web-based CSCW systems are platform- and browser-dependent and all of them only address some specific form of synchronous interaction. However it is based on the idea of a "shared workspace'' which the members of a group establish for organising and coordinating their work. COOPWeb s another EC-funded project focussing on common workspace provision and also supporting synchronous communication tools audio, video. Pochi minuti fa, un treno è passato a tutta velocità su questi binari School is near the line. Su questi binari esterni passano anche i treni merci. Freight trains also pass on these tracks. Dobbiamo muoverci in parallelo su entrambi questi binari. We have to move in parallel on both those tracks. Oggi, su questi binari ci sono diverse linee della S-Bahn. Today, this track is only used by several S-Bahn lines.

Low Cost Gary Bourgeault April 28, In realtà una valutazione è difficile. Misurare il Business Value per un Corporate Blog Un processo sta acquistando bitcoin un investimento il Corporate blogging 2. Determina i requisiti 4. Aggiusta i fattori di successo non influenzabili 1. Identifica i possibili benefici 3. Valuta le alternative La ruota del valore per i Business blog Quali skill possono dare in outsourcing? Il Contenuto è il re Quando sono utili e unici per i lettori? Quando i contenuti sono utili? Rendere i vostri contenuti unici Quando sarete riusciti a farli distinguere e preferire a quelli degli altri blog simili al vostro. Scrivendo con una voce e uno stile diverso. Ad es.

  1. To blog something is to write about something in one's blog.
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Se gli altri scrivono di un argomento- nicchia voi scegliete una sotto- nicchia. Post su temi professionali Scrivete in generale su argomenti di vostra pertinenza, su cui siete competenti In tal modo troverete facilmente spunti e occasioni per postare Rafforzerete la vostra reputazione e visibilità grazie alla discussione che tali post potranno generare tra i professionisti Non copiate parti di articoli nei Post! I post devono essere scritti con uno stile e linguaggio molto più diretto e personale I post sono più brevi e meno rigorosi Such a poor energy efficiency is essentially due to the physical separation between the central processing unit CPUwhere data are computed, and the memory, where data are stored, according to classical von Neumann computer architecture. Instead of moving data from the memory to the digital CPU, an analogue computation is directly operated within the data, thus breaking all previous limits of time and energy consumption Our in-memory technology is modular and universal, thus can be implemented in any existing memory and computing technology to accelerate ML tasks in future smartphones and data centers. In the meantime, we will also perform a comprehensive market search to recognize opportunities and draft an investor-ready business plan for raising future investments to further advance the solution toward industrial exploitation.

Project Clean evidence on dirty deeds. Summary Organized crime is systematically associated with lower economic development and higher corruption, political instability binaries search engine political violence across countries. However, causal evidence on the economic and political effects of organized crime remains limited. The present proposal advances our knowledge of organized crime in two main directions.

First, I will explore the effects of organized crime on the allocation and effectiveness of public spending, focusing on two important areas of government spending: public procurement and public subsidies to private firms. This analysis will advance our knowledge of the practices through which captured politicians can distort the allocation of resources in favour of criminal organizations, their implications for the efficiency of government intervention, and the effectiveness of alternative policy responses. Second, whilst previous research has focused almost exclusively on the traditional areas of origin of criminal organizations, I will study the effects of criminal groups moving to new regions and countries. The present proposal will advance our understanding of how criminal groups can relocate to new regions and countries; their interactions with the criminal groups that may already be present there; and the economic and social effects in the areas of destination. From a methodological perspective, all projects will take advantage of unique micro-level data and state-of-the-art econometric methods for impact evaluation to provide clean evidence on causal relationships. Project Modulating cellular clearance to cure human disease. Researcher PI Andrea Ballabio.

Summary Cellular clearance is a fundamental process required by all cells in all species. Important physiological processes, such as aging, and pathological mechanisms, such as neurodegeneration, are strictly dependent on cellular clearance. In eukaryotes, most of the cellular clearing processes occur in a specialized organelle, the lysosome. This project is based on a recent discovery, made in our laboratory, of a gene network, which we have named CLEAR, that controls lysosomal biogenesis and function and regulates cellular clearance. The specific goals of the project are: 1 the comprehensive characterization of the mechanisms underlying the CLEAR network, 2 the thorough understanding of CLEAR physiological function at the cellular and organism levels, 3 the development of strategies and tools to modulate cellular clearance, and 4 the implementation of proof-of-principle therapeutic studies based on the activation of the CLEAR network in murine models of human lysosomal storage disorders and mettersi in proprio in spagnolo neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimers s and Huntington s diseases.

A combination of genomics, bioinformatics, systems biology, chemical genomics, cell biology, and mouse genetics approaches will be used to achieve these goals. Our goal is to develop tools to modulate cellular clearance and to use such tools to develop therapies to cure human disease. The potential medical relevance of this project is very high, particularly in the field of neurodegenerative disease. Therapies that prevent, ameliorate or delay neurodegeneration in these diseases would have a huge impact on human health. Project acronym CLIC. Project Classical Influences and Irish Culture. Researcher PI Isabelle Torrance. Summary The hypothesis of this project is that Ireland has a unique and hitherto underexplored history of cultural engagement with models from ancient Greece and Rome.

Yet the island has an extraordinarily vibrant tradition of classical learning that dates back to its earliest recorded literature, and is unparalleled in other northern European countries. Research for this project will address why this is the case, by examining sources through nine significant diachronic themes identified by the PI: language; land; travel and exile; Troy; satire; Neoplatonism; female voices; material culture; and global influence. This multi-thematic approach will enable analysis of what is remarkable about classical reception in Ireland. It will also provide a heuristic framework that generates dialogue between normally disparate fields, such as classical reception studies, Irish and British history, English-language literature, Irish-language literature, medieval studies, postcolonial studies, philosophy, material culture, women's studies, and global studies.

The project will engage with contemporary preoccupations surrounding the politics and history of the divided island of Ireland, such as the current decade of centenary commemorations for the foundation of an independent Irish state, and the on-going violence and political divisions in Northern Ireland. These issues will serve as a springboard for opening new avenues of investigation that look far beyond the past years, but are linked to them. The project will thus shed new light on the role of classical culture in shaping literary, social, and political discourse across the island of Ireland, and throughout its history. At the core of ClioArch is the radical but, in light of research-historical insights, necessary hypothesis that the current archaeological cultural taxonomy for this iconic period of European prehistory is epistemologically flawed sta acquistando bitcoin un investimento that operationalisations and interpretations based on this traditional taxonomy — especially those that seek to relate observed changes in material culture and land-use to contemporaneous climatic sistemi di opzioni binarie gratis environmental changes — are therefore problematic. Hence, novel approaches to crafting the taxonomic building blocks are required, as are novel analyses of human environment relations in this period.

In so doing, the project will pioneer a fully transparent and replicable — and eminently transferable — methodology for the study of the impacts of climate change and extreme environmental events in deep history. In turn, such a quantitative understanding of past adaptive dynamics will position archaeology more centrally in contemporary debates about climate change, environmental catastrophe and their cultural dimensions. Summary The purpose of this proposal is to establish new fundamental insight of the reactivity and thereby the catalytic activity of oxides, nitrides, phosphides and sulfides O- N- P- S- ides in the Cluster-Nanoparticle transition regime.

Binaries search engine will use this insight to develop new catalysts through an interactive loop involving DFT simulations, synthesis, characterization and activity testing. The overarching objective is to make new catalysts that are efficient for production of solar fuels and chemicals to facilitate the implementation of sustainable energy, e. Recent research has identified why there is a lack of significant progress in developing new more active catalysts. Chemical scaling-relations exist among the intermediates, making it difficult to find a reaction pathway, which provides a flat potential energy landscape - a necessity for making the reaction proceed without large losses. Non-scalable behavior means that adding an atom results in a completely different reactivity. This drastic change could be even further enhanced if the added atom is a different element than the recipient particle, providing new freedom to control the reaction pathway.

Thus far, researchers have barely explored this size regime. Only a limited amount of studies has been devoted to inorganic entities of oxides and sulfides; nitrides and phosphides are completely unexplored. We will employ atomic level simulations, synthesis, characterization, and subsequently test for specific reactions. This interdisciplinary loop will result in new breakthroughs in the area of catalyst material discovery. Project acronym ClustersXCosmo. Summary The ClustersXCosmo ERC Starting Grant proposal has the goal of investigating the role of Galaxy Clusters as a cosmological probe and of lista di broker di opzioni binarie mt4 the strong synergies between observational cosmology, galaxy formation and fundamental physics related to the tracers of the extreme peaks in the matter density field.

In the last decade, astronomical data-sets have started to be widely and quantitatively used by the scientific community to address important physical questions such as: the nature of the dark matter and dark energy components and their evolution; the physical properties of the baryonic matter; the variation of fundamental constants over cosmic time; the sum of neutrino masses; the interplay between the galaxy population and the intergalactic medium; the nature of gravity over megaparsec scales and over cosmic times; the temperature evolution of the Universe.

Most of these results are based on well-established geometrical cosmological probes e. Galaxy clusters provide a complementary and necessary approach, as their distribution as a function of time and observables is sensitive to both the geometrical and the dynamical evolution of the Universe, driven investire in criptovaluta multipla the growth of structures. This proposal aims at using a combination of the best available SZE cluster surveys and to interpret them by means of state-of-the-art computational facilities in order to firmly establish the yet controversial role of Galaxy Clusters as a probe for cosmology, fundamental physics and astrophysics.

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Project acronym CME. Project Concurrency Made Easy. Increases in performance can no longer happen through raw hardware speed, but only through concurrency, as in multicore architectures. Concurrency is also critical for networking, cloud computing and the progress of natural sciences. Software support for these advances lags, mired in concepts from the s such as semaphores. Existing formal models are hard to apply in practice. Incremental progress is not sufficient; neither are techniques that place the burden on programmers, who cannot all be expected to become concurrency experts. The CME project attempts a major il modo migliore per investire in criptovaluta on the side of the supporting technology: languages, formal models, verification techniques. The core idea of the CME project is to make concurrency easy for programmers, by building on established ideas of modern programming methodology object technology, Design by Contract shifting the concurrency difficulties to the internals of the model and implementation. The project includes the following elements. Sound conceptual model binaries search engine concurrency.

Reference implementation, integrated into an IDE. Performance analysis. Theory and formal basis, including full semantics. Proof techniques, compatible with proof techniques for the sequential part. Complementary verification techniques such as concurrent testing. Library of concurrency components and examples.

A Remote Procedure Call RPC allows you

Publication, including a major textbook on concurrency. Researcher PI Andrea Lamberti. Summary When two solutions with different composition are mixed, free energy of mixing corso di trading di opzioni forex released. This phenomenon was deeply investigated binaries search engine the last decades in order to harvest the so-called salinity gradient power. One of the most incipient technology that allows to harvest this energy is the Capacitive Mixing CapMix and its working mechanism is based on a fluidic electrochemical cell, similar to a supercapacitor. Since this mixing phenomenon holds true for both liquids and gases, my idea is to harvest energy from anthropic CO2. This will be possible by using a multidisciplinary approach based on materials engineering, modelling, advanced characterization methods and novel architecture of the electrodes. The engineered materials and cell will allow to demonstrate the feasibility of this new electrochemical approach, enabling a deeper understanding of the physical and electrochemical phenomena occurring in such a complicated system, and paving the way to a new generation of CO2-free renewable energy source. Project The role of consumer behavior and heterogeneity in the integrated assessment of energy and climate policies. Researcher PI Massimo Tavoni. The project brings together different disciplines —namely energy policy, environmental and ecological economics, behavioral public finance, experimental economics, and technology policy- in an integrated fashion.

Summary In COBRAS we will establish Femtosecond Covariance Spectroscopy, a new spectroscopic technique to measure the optical response of material which is based on stochastic light pulses characterized by frequency uncorrelated intensity fluctuation. By using light with different property every repetition, each reiteration of the experiment can be considered as a measurement under new conditions rather than a repetition of the same experiment. This is in striking contrast with standard approaches to Raman come gestire e controllare le emozioni in caso di perdite which are based on the measurement of the integrated emission of Raman sidebands at a given frequency and therefore require a high stability and low noise detection which can be reached only at a significant expense. Conversely, in covariance-based methods noise is a resource that can be exploited rather than an impediment and a much simpler and cheaper architecture for the spectrometer can be envisioned. To this purpose we will develop a prototype spectrometer, study the general applicability of the covariance based methods and identify viable strategies for the commercialization of the spectrometer developed. We stress that the concept proposed here for Raman spectroscopy can be extended to different optical techniques and wavelength ranges.

This make us confident that the COBRAS investment may represent a paradigmatic change in the approach to optical spectroscopy, potentially disclosing a new market across different industrial and scientific spectroscopic applications. Summary The European dimension of administrative law is the focus of a flurry of initiatives aiming to investigate similarities and differences, and to shape common legal scenarios. A codification of the administrative procedures of the EU has been envisaged by the European Parliament in its resolution of February A broader proposal of codification, including rule-making and contractual procedures, has been elaborated by ReNEUAL and has been discussed in a series of workshops in The issues that arise are both practical and theoretical: - it is important to understand whether the method traditionally followed by the European Court of Justice in order to identify the principles that are general and common to national legal systems, only applies when all those systems recognize such principles; - whether national systems of public law share the same idea of what an administrative procedure is is another question; whether the specific principles governing administrative procedures, such as the right to be heard and the duty to give reasons, are the same is still another question; - finally, if any commonality exists, the question that arises is whether it is limited to the level of general principles of law or it includes the which govern procedures.

Project acronym COD. Project The economic, social and political consequences of democratic reforms. A quantitative and qualitative comparative analysis. Summary The latter part of the twentieth century was a period of rapid democratisation on a global scale. The attention of comparative politics scholars followed the progression of so-called Third Wave democracies, and gradually progressed from the study of the causes of and the transitions to democracy to the problems of democratic consolidation, and then to more recent issues relating to the quality of democracy. A further, frontier step may now be added to such research path by focusing on a subject that has remained largely under-researched, if at all, namely the political, social and economic consequences that emerged in countries where real democratic change took place.

The question of what democracy has been able to deliver will become ever more relevant to the future prospects of recent democratisation processes and of democracy at large. Binaries search engine the study of the consequences of democratisation, the advent of democracy is thus no longer observed as an endpoint, or a dependent variable to be explained, but as a starting point, or an independent variable that allegedly contributes to the explanation of a wide range of political, economic and social effects.

The question of the corollaries of democratisation also has crucial policy implications. Alternative a DogNZB. Binsearch Motore di ricerca binario Usenet. Free for personal use Web Motore di ricerca. Fin dall'inizi… freemium Web Indice Usenet. Libero personale Web Iscrizione non richiesta.